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Buhrt Engineering, Inc. | Industrial Fabrication and Laser Cutting

Laser Cutting Services Gary

Our CNC laser cutting services are predominantly utilized by numerous manufacturing units across the world. We have the knowledge and expertise for undertaking laser cutting and fabricating of parts to stringent tolerance levels. Buhrt Engineering serves a range of industries from automotive and construction to marine and material handling.

  • CNC Custom Laser Cutting: including laser etching, straightening, flattening, deburring and assembly.
  • We can laser-cut materials such as carbon steel, stainless steel, and aluminum:
      - Carbon Steel: to 1" thickness
      - Stainless Steel: to 1/2" thickness
      - Aluminum: to 1/4" thickness
      - Machine Bed Size: 60" x 120"
  • We can laser-cut and fabricate glass forming fixtures, assemblies and sub assemblies of cut materials, base plates, and parts used in commercial ovens.
  • We undertake all kinds of jobs, from prototype creation to finishing of parts in bulk quantities. Our part handling capacity extends from a few ounces up to 2,000 lbs.

  • CNC laser cutting services for companies in Gary:
    Metal rolling and forming, welding, sand blasting, painting, and coating.
    We can custom manufacture whatever parts you need laser cut and assembled (see the examples in the photos below).

Custom CNC Laser Cutting and Machining Services Gary
Custom CNC Laser Cutting and Machining Services Gary Custom CNC Laser Cutting and Machining Services Gary
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